Inktober 14 - Circles

I had an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment with this one. I’ll admit the brush work is a bit mediocre, but I didn’t have a ton of time to work with. However, I finally started to understand markers a bit more, and can see some interesting ways to utilized them. Also, I realized that scanning in markers grayscale made them wash out to much. Scanned this piece in in colour, and it worked out much better. Moving on!


Inktober 13 - Demon

Trying to strip it back a bit. Felt like my last one was a bit too much. Not sure if this is quite right, but I like parts of it.

Inktober 12 - Astronaut

I started this piece not knowing exactly how it was going to end, and I think maybe that shows here and there. I try to do all of these Inktober pieces in under an hour start to finish, so sometimes I be rushing a bit. Well, a learning experience I suppose.

Inktober 11 - Steam Robot

I’m finding it challenging coming up with new designs for every piece. I didn’t want to just do fan art, so I’m trying to rework characters that are mine, or create new ones. I went for a simple robot this time, instead of some of the more complex ones I’ve done before. I think this falls short of what I wanted, but I may borrow some elements for later.

Inktober 10 - The Hawk

After a crazy holiday weekend, I’m behind at this point but not quite out of the game.

This a character design for a short story that was on the go a while back. I don’t think this is quite right, but I like some elements. Moving on!

Inktober 09 - Koru

This one I was pretty pleased with, and I will definitely try to fit this design in somewhere. I keep playing around with my Koru character from “The Spirits & The Woods” (this is the second time this inktober). This one’s a mashup of the original with some futuristic bits, and a bit younger. I’ve been trying to get that hair style right for years! Close, so close.

Inktober 08 - Hello/Meow

Sorry, this got scanned late. Did not turn out as expected. I like the alien design, but not the rendering. I see this style utilized a lot lately, but I’m obviously not that good at it. Years of being told cross hatching was the devil in comics has scrubbed it out of my tool set.

Inktober 07 - Lurking Robot

I’ve been told before I can sometimes have a ‘ligne claire’ style. I used to think that meant I didn’t grasp the concept of line weight, but I view more these days as another tool in the arsenal. Coupling it with spot blacks however becomes tricky, because everyone thinks ‘Mignola’, so it’s definitely a fine line to walk. I added in some of my own go-to visual language, so hopefully it remains “me”.

This one is the same (or similar) character from this piece. There’s a story there I’m sure.

Inktober 06 - Bridge Troll

I’m calling this one an abject failure. Not what I wanted, but lessons learned etc.

Inktober 05 - Bride of Frankenstein

I pictured a companion to this piece from a few years back. Might flesh this one out later.

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