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This story along with others from Microcosmics, will be appearing in the Imaginary Drugs Anthology.


Love this! Very well done and gorgeous.

Some process work #comics #illustration #workinprogress #process

Still drawing Usagi Yojimbo…

Drawing Usagi Yojimbo…

New Twitter (@scottmhallett) icon! Yeah!

Mouthing off on twitter again.


Assembled here this time at the urging of Doc Shaner. Fair warning there’s some tweets that raised the blood of some of my writer friends. I’ll let the tweets stand as is and add some notes at the end

Here we go:

Some math for comics artists. Everyone works at a different pace but the general agreed upon output is a page/day.

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It’s an argument that’s come up again and again, but it wouldn’t keep coming up if it wasn’t still an issue.

Super Mario Brothers - Yell Fire!

Companion on Flickr.


Looks like rain

Looks like people liked this one too… thanks!

Apparently people did like this picture…


War was easier than daughters… 

Game of Thrones’ Eddard (Ned) Stark illustrated by Scott Hallett :: via