Society6 Promotion

Society6 is running a promotion right now, where you can get FREE International shipping, and $5 off iPhone cases.  That means you can get all the art prints in my newly opened store with free shipping, or a snazzy new phone case at $5 off. Just follow the link:

Society6 Store is Live!

If you like my artwork or know anyone who might, you can now get some prints and select mobile phone cases/skins over at my new Society6 shop (they ship to Canada as well). Please feel free to share this and help me get the word out. Thank you!

The Sakai Project is out now!

I wrote a bit about my involvement in the Sakai Project to benefit Stan and Sharon Sakai over at the mothership… 

The Sakai Project

(and my art for it.. which I posted some process work for here a while back)


The Sakai Project - Tomorrow!

I did a piece for this book back in February, maybe I can finally show it soon.  I am humbled to be a part of this project with such amazing talent, and glad to contribute in any way to a great cause.

via Comics Alliance


I should probably be working… but this was fun, so I may do it again. No real purpose other than tinkering around. I still have a soft spot for these little spirits (can be seen here @ tapastic).

Comics on Tapastic!

I’m enjoying the Tapastic experience so far. You can check out both my Popgun and Fablewood stories there now. More to come!

Comics on Tapastic

Trying out Tapastic. You can read my Popgun story “The Last Voyage” there now: via

Some process work

Still drawing Usagi Yojimbo…

Drawing Usagi Yojimbo…

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